Dr. Teneka Steed

Dr. Steed is a thought provoking, generation leading, community involved: trailblazer. She is not only humble about her ability to enhance and cultivate her clients through mentally breaking down all the walls that are holding them back, but she continues to strive for excellence as a major speaker for colleges and corporations.

She has worked with clients of every age group and demographic with the main goal being helping them understand the core of who they truly are from within. It sounds simple, but often times we put off our goals and destiny to build dreams that are not aligned with our calling.

Dr. Steed can help you focus on your interest, tap into your destiny, and ultimately encourage you to take more risks to reach your goals. She gets straight to the root of the problem by tackling the psychology behind success. As a social research scientist, she has trained and worked at NASA, Duke University, the International Fashion Style Academy as well as many more.

Whether you are in search of understanding the behavior of your clients, becoming a paid speaker, or just looking for assistance with your college or career dreams, Dr. Steed is proven to aid in providing you with the tools and resources you need to succeed.

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Praise: What Clients Have Been Saying

“Dr. Steed’s coaching session provided me an opportunity to become divinely aware of who I am, where I really want to go in life and most importantly, personal changes that needed to be made to make it happen. Dr. Steed’s Understandology approach is an innovative accountability mechanism to keep me on track with living and walking in my personal truths.”
– Quiana K. Ingram, United States Navy

“Dr. Steed’s expertise in measurement development and psychometric analysis was a perfect fit for our research project. Dr. Steed’s expertise fills a gap that is sorely needed in academic research…her depth of experience with measurement development was a key asset to the successful completion of our project.”
– Dr. Amani M. Nuru-Jeter, University of California, Berkeley

“Dr. Steed has helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to do. Her personal story motivated me to strive for excellence.”
– Chynna Miley, Indiana State University

“Dr. Steed contributed a great deal of her psychometric expertise at the early stage of my career until now. We have collaborated over the past 10 years… her expertise contributed to the achievement of my goals in designing and developing Superwoman Schema assessment.”
– Dr. Cheryl Woods Giscombé, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dr. Steed has worked with the following organizations:

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